Ms. Wunsch's 2&3 Class
Terryville Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Chocolatina by Erik Kraft

Ms. Wunsch’s 2nd & 3rd grade class completed the following project based on the Early Literacy Collaborative Framework.

My class enjoyed reading, discussing, analyzing, and retelling Chocolatina by Erik Kraft. We then decided to collaboratively write our own version using interactive writing. First, the students brainstormed various foods and names for the title and were able to vote on their favorite. Pizzadylan won with the greatest number of votes. After the pre-writing strategies, we then took several days to interactively write the story on chart paper. Once the story was complete, each child was assigned a sentence or two to illustrate into a big book. In addition, during Managed Independent Learning (Center Time), the students did a character analysis Kidspiration on the computer.


Pizzadylan By: Ms. Wunsch’s Class

Dylan loved pizza more than anything in the world. He loved it more than milk, more than shopping, and definitely more than candy. Everyone called him Pizzadylan. When Patrick asked, “what will you have for lunch today?” Dylan always said, “salad with pizza on top.” His favorite pizza was pepperoni and cheese.

One morning Dylan looked in the mirror. He saw that he turned into a pizza. He didn’t want to go to school. He was afraid his friends would make fun of him. When he got on the bus he was lonely and sad. He started to cry pizza tears.

In school he started to drip cheese all over the place. He looked so delicious that the principal wanted to take a bite out of him. He was so afraid that he ran all the way home. When Dylan got home he made a wish. His wish was to turn back into a person. His wish came true and Dylan was happy again.

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