Mrs. Bennett's Second Grade Class
Grove Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina

The First Snowball

We read  The First Snowball by Anne and Harlow Rockwell.  The main character describes the activities she does on a snowy day.  At the end of the story she has hot cocoa and then goes back out into the snow.  After we read the book, we did a class web of favorite snow activities.  Our class liked to do a lot of the things the main character in the book did.  We decided that we would also like to do other things in the snow.  That's what started the idea of creating a sequel.  We used our ideas to create things she would do when she went outside after her break. During our discussion, we had a winter storm and actually missed school for 3 days. 

 When we returned to school, we were able to add to our list of activities. We then drew pictures of crazy snowmen.  We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and discussed things he did in the snow.  During our science time, we began a unit on weather.  What a great way to learn more about snow. It was by far our class' favorite form of precipitation

The First Snowfall Part II

When I went back outside, lots of my friends were already playing.

This is the snow pile I used to make a snowball. I used my snowball to join a snowball fight.

This is my backyard. This is where I made snow angels with my brother.

This is the frozen pond in the park where we ice skate.

These are hockey sticks that we use to play a game of hockey on the pond.


This is the snowball I use to make a friend for my snowman.

This is the bag of snow I saved to put in the freezer.

Maybe my mom will let me make a snow cone with it.


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