Mrs. Cloer's First Grade Class
Mitchell Road Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina

The Night the Moon Blew Kisses

We thoroughly enjoyed this project.  It gave us an excellent opportunity to talk about describing words and naming words.  We are working on spicing up our writing with words that paint pictures for the reader. This skill is carrying over into all curriculum areas.  They really enjoyed doing the Kidspiration activity.  

The children were given this basic sentence: The snow was falling.  Their assignment was to write the sentence using descriptive words so the reader can visualize the scene.  Below is a sample of their work.

Alaina: The sugary white snow was drifting. 

De'Andre: The fluffy white snow was falling. 

Jessica: The soft and flaky snow was drifting down so softly you could barely hear it.

Connell: The white snow was falling gently down on the ground. 

Will:  The white snow was drifting.

Drew: The crystal white snow was floating gently.

Claire: The icy snow was falling softly through the sky.

Jasmine: The soft white sugary snow was gently falling down.

Grace: The flaky snow was falling softly down to the ground gently. 

Peyton: Soft, fluffy snow that looked like crystals fell on my mouth. 

Gabrielle: The white soft snow was swirling and twirling and beautiful. 

Amani: The snow was twirling. 

Alan: The snuffy snow was drifting. 

Maria: The white beautiful snow was falling through the air.

Lauren: White, fluffy snow was falling. 

Vivian: The white fluffy snow was swirling, twirling gently down to the ground. 

Kyle: The soft snow was falling gently.

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004