Mrs. Dennison's Second Grade Class
Flower Mound Elementary School
Flower Mound, Texas

Snowflake Bentley

We read Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and My Brother Loved Snowflakes by Mary Bahr.  Then as a review of the information in the stories, the students played Rags to Riches.  Click here for other ideas.  Next using some of these facts and their own knowledge of our reading and discussion, they created a Kidspiration file that included five facts and appropriate graphics about Snowflake Bentley.  Their files were evaluated with a rubric that included the following items:  name, five correct facts, use of graphics, and accurate complete sentences.  After sharing our Kidspiration files, we talked about adjectives that described Snowflake Bentley.  This helped with our fairy tale writing as we discussed adjectives that can make our writing come alive.  The adjectives were added to our class Kidspiration file which is attached.  In Science we sorted samples of snowflake pictures into the seven different families of snow (Plate, Stellar, Column, Needle, Spatial Dendrite, Capped Column, and Irregular Crystal) that have been determined by the International Commission on Snow and Ice.  Then it was time for writing poetry about snow.  Now all we need is some real “Texas Snow.”  We are still hoping!!!

Snow has a special glow floating in the sky.

I lie and think how does it start up there so high.

Snow is like a flying squirrel floating down at night.

What a sight, at night, a big flight, a great night

 By Logan


Cold slippery

Skating, Bobsledding, lugeing,

Always fun to pay on


 By Christian


White, cold

Falling, sparkling, floating

Always fun to see


 By Hanna


Furry, warm

Pulling, running, barking

Playing in cold weather


By Rachel

Snow Fort

Protecting, strong

Hitting, crunching, flopping

Ready, aim, fire

Snow Fort

 By Jacob


Cold, clear

Freezing, breaking, skating

Fun to play on


 By Jacobi


Hot, chocolatey

Drink, sip, taste

Always good to drink


 By Tiffany


White, cold

Gliding, floating, melting

Fun to play with


 By Steven

Snowflakes are bright

Like a light.

Snowflakes are big and small

But are not big as the mall.

Snowflakes are white as snow

They fall down slow.

Snowflakes have different shapes

But aren’t circles like grapes.

Snowflakes have holes

But not like moles.

Snowflakes are made of snow

Which everyone does know.

Snowflakes sometimes fall

But sometimes not at all.


By Melissa

Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling so light,

Snowflakes, snowflakes, Why aren't you bright?

Snowflakes, snowflakes falling on the ground

Snowflakes, snowflakes, you don't make a sound.

Snowflakes, snowflakes kids love you day and night,

Snowflakes, snowflakes you're just right.

Snowflakes, snowflakes you're so cold

Snowflakes, snowflakes you never get old.

By Chelsea


Fun, white

Skiing, sledding, snowboarding

Fun things to do


 By Kelsey


Rough, tough

Check, skate, race

Hockey is cool to watch


 By Grant

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