Ms. Gabriel's Second Grade Class
Wilburn Elementary School
Raleigh, North Carolina
The Snow Party

Ms. Gabriel's second graders read The Snow Party by Beatrice Schenkde Regniers. We only read the first part of the story to the students, stopping with the woman wishing for company and the man bringing in the chicks.  With the knock at the door, the students began writing their own ending to the story.

Before writing we did a lot of brainstorming and discussing of things the might happen in our ending.  We provided them with a starting sentence, but the rest of the story was contributed by the students themselves.  We were amazed at how closely their story followed the author's original story in some places!

Student Created Ending

Knock! Knock! "Coming!" the woman said.

She grabbed the freezing cold doorknob and opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a man dressed in a white baker's hat.

The woman gasped and jumped up and down.

"Aren't you that K-M Bakery man?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," he answered. "I was trying to deliver a chocolate fudge birthday cake, but I got a flat tire."

The woman said, "Please come in and get warm."

"My chocolate fudge birthday cake will get frozen if it sits in the truck. I don't want it to be ruined. I will give it to you!" he told her.

"Oh, my!" the woman exclaimed. "I'd love to have the cake, but who can I share it with?"

Just then there was another knock at the door. It was her husband, with his arms full of cold baby chicks.

The chicks tried to fly over to the cake, but they couldn't because their wings were too short. The farmer put some seeds in their boxes to keep them away from the cake.

They were interrupted by a third knock at the door.

All their neighbors were standing there. "We saw a cake come to your door. Are you having a party?"

"Of course we are! Come join us," she replied.

The K-M Bakery man said he'd bring in the other cakes and pies from his truck.

"Is anyone a fiddler?" asked the woman? "Yes, I am!" exclaimed a young girl.

She started playing Yankee Doodle and everyone started dancing and clapping. They danced and ate until morning.

When the sun came up, the snow had stopped. Everybody went home and went to bed.

The woman and her husband cleaned up the mess, and then drifted off to sleep.


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