Norma Goddard's Second Grade Class
Lincoln Elementary School
La Crescenta, California

A Tale of Jack Frost

Our class read several books about winter and snow.  We really liked the book A Tale of Jack Frost by David Melling.  We decided to write a sequel to the story.  It is a story about Jack Frost and some Goblins who want his magical powers.  We had fun creating a new story about Jack Frost and the Goblins who want to steal his magic.  We hope you enjoy it also.

The Tale of Jack Frost II

The goblins were so angry that Jack Frost tricked them.  They really wanted to have the magic that Jack had.  They decided to spy on Jack to see how he made magic. 

The goblins discovered by accident that Jack had not closed the way to the enchanted forest.  So one dark, cold, and frosty night the goblins crept slowly and quietly into the enchanted forest to learn Jack’s secrets. The goblins followed the frost to Jack.  He was making magic by a huge dark tree. 

Even though the goblins were very quiet Jack still heard them enter the enchanted forest.  He decided to trick the goblins again. 

“You aren’t going to get magic from me,” said Jack.

This time he would pretend to make magic. Jack decided that his glove would be magic and everything he touched would turn into gold.  Jack touched the tree and it turned into gold.  He touched a leaf and it also turned into gold.  Everything Jack touched that night turned into gold. 

Jack pretended to be asleep, so the goblins would be able to get the magic glove. 

The goblins crept forward and surrounded Jack. They stole the magic glove.  They scrambled back to their lair to try to make magic. 

As the goblins left, Jack closed the way to the enchanted forest.  He wanted to make sure the goblins would never come into the enchanted forest again. 

The goblins tried to use the magic glove, but everything they touched stayed the same.  Once again they had been tricked.  

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004