Mrs. Hicks' Second Grade Class
Blanchard Elementary School
Cape Giradeau, Missouri

Snowing in the House

We wrote our own stories where we imagined what would happen if it snowed inside our school. After looking at the pros and cons using a graphic organizer we each created, we wrote our rough draft, revised, edited and wrote a final copy. Please enjoy our stories.

"You won't believe it, Mom. It was snowing at Blanchard school! We had to skate from room to room. We had to skate in gym. Also in the hall my class made snow angels. After that I hit my head on the floor. My toes got cold and I got sick. I had to go home and get plenty of rest." - #2

Once upon a time there was a school that had some specific problems. People fight. But one day it snowed in school. The teacher said, "Don't worry, we'll still work." But the lights went off. But they crashed into walls. But their heads didn't get hurt. They were just day dreaming. - #11

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004