Mrs. Madden's Second Grade Class
Brushy Creek Elementary School
Taylors, South Carolina

Tacky the Penguin

This winter we have been learning about Antarctica and Antarctic animals. We have learned a lot about penguins!  During our study we have read many, many books about penguins. Our favorite was Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester. Tacky is different from all of the other penguins, but he is a good penguin to have around.  As we thought about how different Tacky was from the other penguins, we realized that penguins are different from most other birds.

We made a Kidspiration activity to show just how different penguins are from most other birds.

While reading our many books about penguins, students took notes on the important facts they learned about penguins from the stories. We then used these notes to write acrostic poems using true facts about penguins. Here is the guided one we completed as a class:

Prey for leopard seals 

Eat fish, krill, and squid

Never fly in the air

Graceful swimmers 

Underwater hunters 

Icy and cold habitats 

Number of penguins in a rookery can reach millions 

Slide on their bellies across ice

Then we created a Penguin Scavenger Hunt in Kidspiration so we could learn more facts about penguins in the computer lab.

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Download Kidspiration Activity File

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Download Kidspiration Activity File

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004