Donna Oster's Third Grade Class
Elliott Elementary School
Elliott, Iowa

Farmer Boy

My third grade class read Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, as a whole class novel. We enjoyed her writing style very much as we learned about the past.  As she wrote about winter we noticed we were able to create great pictures in our minds because of the figurative language she used.  We created a Kidspiration template that we used to teach them the process of writing similes and then the students wrote similes of their own about winter.

Student Created Similes

The snow is soft like a dog.
 By Abby
 A blizzard is fierce like a wild animal.
 By Adam
 The snow is soft like a pillow.
 By Brenna 
Winter is fun like a sled.
 By Calli 
Snowflakes are sparkly like glitter.
 By Chelsea 
The ice is as chilly as snow.
 By Cheryl
The snow is freezing like a freezer. 
By Collin 
The blizzard is as strong as wind.
 By Courtney
The ice is sharp like swords.
By Jacob
Icicles are slippery like a waxed floor. 
By Jill 
The sled is red like a calf's back.
 By Larissa 
Snow is white like sugar.
 By Serena
Snowflakes are soft like pillows.
 By Mahriya 
Snow is fluffy like a blanket.
 By Scotty
Ice is shivery like icicles. 
By Tara 
The snow is fluffy like a cat.
 By Andy
The snow is fluffy like cotton balls.
 By Brandy 
The snowman is white like a ghost. 
By David
 Ice is clean like glass.
 By Shaela
The icicles are sharp like knives. 
By Tiffany
Winter is icy like a skating rink.
 By Torri


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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004