Ann Rosati's First Grade
Bloomfield Elementary
Bloomfield, NY

The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt
The Mitten by Jan Brett

Frosty Readers 2004 was the perfect project for first graders at Bloomfield Elementary School this winter. Students had two days off from school because of –25 degrees wind chill temperatures! BRRRRR, that is cold!

Our class listened to two versions of The Mitten, one by Jan Brett and the other by Alvin Tresselt. Students are learning to write a paragraph and they had several opportunities with these wintry stories. We worked together to create graphic organizers with Kidspiration.

Our Frosty Reader project is an activity to compare and contrast the two versions of The Mitten. After reading or listening to the two stories, open the Kidspiration file to click on the animals and words and drag them to the correct box.

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Download Kidspiration Activity File

We enjoyed the Jan Brett website and used several of her ideas including her mitten puppets to retell the story.

We learned about hedgehogs and wrote reports about them. After reading and listening to several of Jan Brett’s books, we wrote paragraphs about this favorite author.

Students used KidPixDeluxe3 to draw mittens, and then used the stamp feature to put animals in it.

You can see all of our projects on our class website at

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