Mrs. Burger's Third Grade Class
Assisted by Miss Taormina, Media Specialist

Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Snowmen at Night

We read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner.  First, we brainstormed different snowman action words using a snowman template pattern page, then we created our own original endings to the story.  We bound these into a book for our classroom library, and sent a few to share with you.  As a final culmination activity, we engaged in a matching Kidspiration exercise with our kindergarten buddies.

What Snowmen Do at Night
 By Brain M.

Snowmen do a lot of fun activities at night.

I think snowmen go to Colorado to go skiing down the ski slopes and big mountains. After they've skied, they drink a cup of cold cocoa at a ski lodge. They watch the movie Christmas Vacation. Then they go skiing some more.

Finally, they go back home to their front yards and rest until tomorrow night. They have a smile on their face when they're asleep. So you could tell what they've been doing. When you see them tomorrow, they'll be all drooped. They look like they've almost turned into slush. It's really a mystery what snowmen do at night.

What Snowmen Do at Night 
By Jessie N.

I found out snowmen play a lot when children are sleeping at night. They throw humongous snowballs at each other. They play board games made out of ice, like ice checkers or ice chest. They also make statues made of icicles. They do so many interesting fun activities at night.

Snowmen played in front of my house last night! They were so cold they turned my whole entire lawn into ice and they were ice-skating on it too! I was surprised when I saw them play shuffleboard on ice. They're great shuffleboard players. I can't wait to tell my family what I saw!

What Snowmen do at Night By Kyle E.

I think snowmen go rollerblading at night. They go to a skate park and do ten-eighties. They even do some back flips on half pipes. After, they do some flying-kites. Then they rest with some ice cold water. They grind on all rails in the park. They must do a lot of tricks on roller blades.

They must ride on skateboards too. They can do kick flips and heel flips to get started. Then flat ground moves like manual to rail and then some truck stands. Then they get off the board jump when they're running hop on the board. Then they wrap it up with the famous nine hundred.

At the end, they grab their roller blades and skateboards and go home.

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2004