Mrs. Teel's Second Grade Class
Wilburn  Year- Round Elementary School
Raleigh, North Carolina

Snow on Snow on Snow

Mrs. Teel's second graders read Snow on Snow on Snow by Cheryl Chapman.  It didn't take the students long to pick up on the repetition and they enjoyed reading along with us.  We wanted to write our own story about a day in the sun.  First, we brainstormed ideas for things we might do in the sun.  We reread the story several times to get a sense of how the author used the repeating words and phrases.  Then students eagerly got to work writing their own version of Sun on Sun on Sun.

After reading the ideas generated by the students, we compiled a list of things we might do on our day in the sun.  Then together we wrote our class story.  Each student took a sentence, typed it and illustrated it.  A printed copy of the book will go in our classroom library.  We also donated a copy of our book to the school's media center!

Sun on Sun on Sun

Once upon a summer's day I woke up under sheets, under sheets, under sheets.  I went to the kitchen and ate pancakes on top of pancakes on top of pancakes.

Momma said she had a surprise for me, but first I had to clean up so I brushed, and I washed and I rinsed.

She told me to put on my bathing suit because we were going to the beach, to the beach, to the beach!  So we drove for miles and miles and miles in our big, white minivan.

We jumped out of the car, ran into the water, and swam, and swam, and swam. Suddenly, I felt something bump my leg.

"A shark" I yelled!

Then I heard a giggle and realized it was just my friend.  "Let's go back to shore and build a sandcastle. So we built sandcastles, and sandcastles and more sandcastles.

Momma brought us some shells to use for the doors, the windows and the stairs.

We got hungry so Momma gave us sandwiches and cups of tea after tea after tea.

The sun was setting over the water, so we got in our big, white minivan to go home.  My eyes got heavy and I fell asleep.  I dreamed of my wonderful day in the sun, in the sun, in the sun.


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