Mrs. Cassidy's Reading Class
Norwood Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

All You Need for a Snowman

My 2nd grade reading students have been learning about sequencing skills. First,we read the book, All You Need for a Snowman, written by Alice Schertle. The book is about children building a snowman on a cold, winter day. Then, the students brainstormed several materials that could be put onto the snowman. Next, we discussed the order of events and how important it is to follow a sequence. After, we wrote an interactive story of how to build a snowman. Finally, the students wrote their own stories.

We also discussed the importance of details to make the story more interesting to the reader.

Interactive Stories

How Do You Make a Snowman?

First, you make a big snowball. Then, make a medium size snowball. Next, you make a small snowball for the head. After you put the head on, you put a red baseball hat on the head. Before you put the mouth on, you put black coal on for the eyes. Then you get a big banana for the mouth. Next, you take a pointy carrot for the nose. After that, you put thin sticks for the arms. Finally, you put round buttons on the belly. There’s your snowman!

-Written by Oscar, Anthony A, Daniela, Anthony L and Vincent

How We Make a Snowman

First, roll up a big snowball. Next, roll a medium snowball. Then make a small snowball. Next, stack the snowballs to make the body. After you make the body, get a fat carrot for the nose. Then, get long, red Twizzlers for the mouth. Next, put 2 bright oranges for the eyes. After, put a big blue hat on the head. Then, get 2 long branches from a tree and stick one in each side for the arms. Finally, get red mittens for the hands.

-Written by Nicole, Evelys, Matthew M., Matthew S., Vincent, Tyler and Justin.


Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007