Mrs. Doane's Kindergarten Class
Thomas J. Watson Elementary School
Endicott, New York
Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here

We read the story Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here, by Jean Craighead George.  It is a lovely story in which a grandmother sends her granddaughter, Rebecca, a simple, poetic letter about the change of the seasons. 


After reading the story to the class I focused on one page as a jump off point for our Kidspiration organizer.  I read the following page to the class:

                        “Winter is here,” we say.  It is here, but you can’t touch it or serve it

                          snacks.  You can’t read it a book or make it do anything.  But it makes

                          us do all sorts of things.

Following this passage we began a list of all the things that grandmother wrote winter.  Next, we organize the list into three categories; people, animals, and nature and created our Kidspiration organizer.


The ending of the story is the perfect jump off for a spring story.


            The next thing you know, I’ll be writing:  Dear Rebecca, summer is here.


We decided to use the information from our organizer to write a letter to Rebecca about the coming of spring.


Dear Rebecca,

            Spring is here!  The streams will begin to flow.  Rain will fall and the flowers will come alive and bloom. 

The animals will wake up after their long winter nap.  Birds will come back to the north and begin to build nests for their babies.  Bees will buzz around new spring flowers. The frogs and turtles will come out of the warm mud and lay their eggs.

The fireplace is cleaned and we will open the windows and let the fresh air in. We will put on our spring coat and jump in mud puddles instead of snow piles.  As the days grow longer, the snow angels will melt and snowball fights will turn into baseball games and the next thing you know, I’ll be writing:

Dear Rebecca, summer is here



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