Mrs. Godsey's Second Grade Class
Maize Elementary School
Columbus, Ohio

Snowmen at Night

 We read Snowmen at Night and discussed what the causes of the changes in the snowmen were in the book. Then the students answered the questions: What do you think snowmen do at night? Most of them said similar things to the book, some said they went to the zoo, others said they went to visit friend’s houses. There were so many well done stories it was hard to choose just one.

The one I chose is done by Emily. The picture is below and the text is as follows:

I think snowmen drink ice cold coco at night because they might get hot. I think snowmen go to the movies at night because they might get bored. I think snowmen read books at night because they need to be smart.

Our Kidspiration activity is based in science. The students are to choose the pictures that could be real causes of the changes in the snowman and drag them over to the box.

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Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007