Mrs. Lyerly's Second Grade Class
Meadowlark Elementary School
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Snowflake Bentley

Shared Reading
Most students and teachers love snow! Despite out lack of snow in the piedmont region of North Carolina, my Language Arts students have been actively engaged in snow activities. We read Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and learned about the man who dedicated his life to preserving snowflakes for others to learn about and enjoy.

We completed a Snowflake Bentley Web Quest to discover additional information about this man from Vermont using online sources. Using Kidspiration, we used our new schema to complete a project which focused on facts about Bentley’s life and adjectives describing his character.

Independent Writing
 Our Writing Group has been learning about various poetry forms throughout the year. After reading The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown, the students used the poetry format to create poems about Snowflake Bentley.

Follow up Activities
Room 302 blew up a snowstorm of activities to conclude our Frosty Readers Project. We cut paper snowflakes, remembering that they have six points, are symmetrical, and very unique. Then we made a Snow Gauge, using our measuring skills to create an inch ruler to measure any possible snowfall! Finally, we created winter fleece scarves, complete with snowflakes and a snowman!

(Materials: polar fleece, felt, fabric (Materials: paint stir sticks, paint, paint, fabric glue, and permanent permanent markers, rulers, Fun markers)

(Materials: paint stir sticks, paint, permanent markers, rulers, Fun Foam, scrap fabrics for scarf)

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North Carolina State Standards
 Language Arts:
 Goal 2 – The learner will develop and apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed.
 Goal 3 – The learner will make connections through the use of oral language, written language, and media and technology.
 Goal 4 – The learner will apply strategies and skills to create oral, written and visual texts.
Goal 5 – The learner will apply grammar and language conventions to communicate effectively.
Competency Goal 1: The learner will understand important issues of a technology-based society and will exhibit ethical behavior in the use of computer and other technologies.
Competency Goal 2: The learner will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the use of computer and other technologies.


Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007