Mrs. Patton's First Grade Class
Alma Elementary School
Gaffney, South Carolina

The Gingerbread Baby

Our class read the book, The Gingerbread Baby.  We watched a video about the author, Jan Brett, and learned how she wrote the book and drew the pictures.  She read the book aloud to us in centers so that we could hear it again!  After reading The Gingerbread Baby, we also read The Gingerbread Man.  The students told me things that were alike, different, and the same, about these two books.  Using a Venn diagram, I placed their ideas on the board for them.

  Gingerbread Baby                              Both                                        Gingerbread Man

Matti & his mom made              jumped out of the oven.        Little old woman made the

      the cookies.                                                                                  cookies.


Floated on ice in the river          said “Catch me if you can.”      rode on the fox’s back in

                                                                                                           the river.


lived in a Gingerbread House    saw a fox.                                was eaten by a fox.


Using sentences from the book that were enlarged and placed on sentence strips, we cut them apart, traded them with a neighbor, and put them together in the correct sequence.


We created two Kidspiration activities to use with the book.  One was a matching activity and the other was a matching activity.



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Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007