Mrs. Peterson's First Grade Class
Dana Elementary School
Nipomo, California

Bear Snores On

For our book I chose Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. In this story several different animals enter the cave during the winter and have a party while bear snores on. Eventually Bear wakes up to join the party only to have everyone else there fall asleep after partying so long. During our second of several readings of the book the students noticed how the different animals enter the cave in different ways. Some enter boldly, others shyly, according to their personalities. They often make a comment as they enter and most bring something to the party to eat or enjoy. We made a comparison chart of the different animals in the story, how they each entered, what they said, and what each one contributed to the party.

I asked my students to each create a page for an electronic class book (Kid Pix slide show), encouraging them to think about the personality of their chosen animal and how it would enter. I wanted them to use interesting verbs that would help the reader visualize the scene as the animal entered the cave. I also asked them to think about what the animal might bring to the party, again thinking about the animal and what it might have that it could bring. Last I asked them to think of something the animal might say as it joined the party.

To complete their assignment I first had them use a Kidspiration activity for their prewriting task. This took just a few minutes. They then went to a template of Bear's cave that I had made on Kid Pix where they stamped their animal (and whatever else they wanted to add), created a speech bubble, and wrote about how their animal entered the cave, and what was brought to the party. (Note: They had the option of creating their own cave for Bear but I didn't want them to be stressing over that when I had already asked them to include so much else on their "book" page. No one chose to do their own cave. If I had had more time I would have had them create the cave one week and add the rest the next.


Student Example


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Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007