Ms. Yarbrough's Second Grade Class
Carver Magnet Elementary School
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Mitten & The Hat

Our Kidspiration project came from our author study of Jan Brett. We read many of her books but we were drawn to the ones that take place in the winter. We rarely get snow here in Central Arkansas. Looking at pictures in books is about as close as many of us have been to snow. After reading The Mitten and The Hat. The children recognized many similarities between the two books. One being that both involved animals. The kidspiration activity allows children to click and drag animals to the correct story on a Venn diagram.

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• OV.2.2.4 Listen to literature and respond appropriately, including comparing/ contrasting and extending the text
• IR.12.2.6 Use such graphic organizers as webbing and mapping to organize information


Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2007