Pepper Arguello's Kindergarten Class
Cimarron Elementary School
Katy, Texas
The Chocolate Rabbit

May 6, 2003

 How do you do, Bertie?

You need to be good and let us help you with your problems. Next time, you need to stick with your sisters and don’t try to balance your Easter and  on the rocks.  You can put them on a table, if you are by one, or on a flat ground or even on the grass.  Next time, don't take a taste of chocolate until it's done.  Wait until the rings!  Remember to not run or you might drop the chocolate bunnies.  Bertie, please come visit us at our house or Cimarron Elementary   in Katy, Texas.

The Kindergartener's in Mrs. Agguello's Class

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Bunnies 2003