Carole Celaya's Second Grade Class
Wilson K-8
Tucson, Arizona

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

My class sure enjoyed doing this! I am amazed at the amount of creativity and cooperation that resulted from this activity! We really enjoyed learning about bunnies and extending Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit's Dream 

Hello. We're Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. We'd like to tell you about Peter's dream... 

One sunny afternoon, Peter decided to go again and slipped under Mr. MacGregor's fence only to find an angry Mr. MacGregor! When he saw him, he ran as fast as he could! While he was on his way into the vegetables again, he stumbled across a toy motorcycle (he always wanted to be a motorcycle rider but not when a very angry gardener was after him). He jumped on the motorcycle and rode away from Mr. MacGregor. While he was going really fast, he rode through the vegetables. He rode past a patch of fresh tomatoes and couldn't resist the chance to eat. So, he decided to stop to have a fresh snack. "Fresh tomatoes," thought Peter, "that would taste very good right now." Guess what Peter did? He stopped to eat some tomatoes and then he got juice all over his new red shirt! 

Meanwhile, Mr. MacGregor stopped looking for Peter. Peter was very relieved. Peter was trying to get the stain out of his new red shirt when he heard, "vroom, vroom." He turned and noticed a squirrel had gotten on his toy motorcycle and was riding away! 

What was Peter going to do now? Stuck again, in the garden. 

By now, Peter had eaten a few tomatoes and was too full to run. He decided to just sit down and take a nap. 

After his nap, he woke up to see Mr. MacGregor looking for him, AGAIN!. Peter jumped up as quick as he could. He jumped into a nearby patch of carrots. 

Mr. MacGregor saw the carrots move. Peter jumped out real quick and saw the gate to the garden straight ahead. Just outside the fence,, Peter saw us, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail waiting for him! 

We threw some blackberries we had saved in our pockets so Mr. MacGregor would look the other way. He did! 

Suddenly, the squirrel (who took the toy motorcycle) rode by and burst through the fence making a hole just big enough for Peter to squeeze through! 

Peter woke up in his cozy little bed. He told us about his dream and reminded us to never go in Mr. MacGregor's garden. Peter then ran to his mommy and told her that he had a very bad dream about the garden and that he would never go into the garden again. Peter told her that bunnies should always listen to their mommies. And from that day on, Peter and us, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, always listened to our mommy.

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