Narelle Daffurn's Year 1 Class
Harris Fields State School
Logan, Queensland, Australia

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

We read The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes and thoroughly enjoyed this gentle but powerful story. Then we discussed whether we knew of any other kind and helpful beings that get magical powers from a special item of clothing. Our discussion brought up characters from other stories, angels, fairies and super-heroes.

We are learning about story elements and how to write stories. We used the concepts we are learning to brainstorm ideas and then write our own stories, plus a whole class story about a kind and helpful character with magical powers. Our class story and a downloadable story map sequencing activity that goes with our story is below. To complete our Kidspiration activity you need to click and drag the story events in yellow boxes into the correct order on the story map. The first and sixth events are already in place on the map.

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Cinderella and the Golden Bracelets

Once upon a time a boy named Raymond climbed a beanstalk to see what was at the top. The top of the beanstalk was covered with clouds and Raymond wondered what was up there.

When Raymond got to the top of the beanstalk he saw a castle. He went inside the castle. Raymond walked around inside the castle, going into lots of rooms. When he decided it was time to leave, he realised he couldn't find his way out of the castle. Raymond was sad and started to cry. He was scared and he knew his mother would be worried about him.

There was a kind giant named Jacob who used to live in the castle. Jacob the Giant was like a super-hero and he could sense when people where in trouble. He knew Raymond was lost in the castle. Jacob was too big to climb the beanstalk anymore and he had to ask Cinderella to help Raymond.

Cinderella was a kind lady who married a prince and was living happily with him in a palace. Jacob the Giant knew Cinderella would be able to help Raymond if he gave her a special powerful gift. Jacob gave her two golden bracelets to wear.

When she put the bracelets on her wrists Cinderella found she could see through walls. She could see into rooms and see what was inside them. The bracelets also gave Cinderella the power to move really fast, and this she did as she hurried up the beanstalk to save Raymond.

When Cinderella got to the castle she used her super seeing power and looked through the walls. She saw where Raymond was and quickly hurried inside to rescue him. Cinderella found Raymond crying in the corner of a room. He was sad and wanted his mother.

Cinderella took Raymond back down the beanstalk to his mother's house. When Raymond saw his mother he ran to her and hugged her. Cinderella gave the special golden bracelets to Raymond and told him that he could only ever use them to save people who are in trouble. And that is what he did for the rest of his life.

The End

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Bunnies 2003