Donna Gardner's Second Grade Class
Norwood Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Bunny's Noisy Book

Our class read Bunny's Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  We talked about what does and does not make a sound in nature.  Students then used their imaginations and as an Independent Writing activity wrote Bunny at the Beach, a sequel to the story.  They took turns working on this Kidspiration template while the rest of the class wrote their stories.  Everybody had a chance to read their sequels to the class. Here are some samples of  their work.

Bunny at the Beach

One day bunny went to the beach and he saw a starfish but the starfish did not make a sound. The next day bunny saw a barnacle but it did not make a sound. The next day bunny went back to the beach and he saw a whale. The whale got him wet. Then he saw a snapping turtle and the snapping turtle made a snapping noise.


 One day Bunny went to the beach. He put his  diving  suit on. He went in the water. He saw a starfish.  Then a jellyfish came along. The jellyfish and  the  starfish did not talk. But there was a whale  and a  seal that talked. They looked at the bunny and  said,  "What's that?" They made a noise again and  said," What's that?" The bunny ran home to tell  his  mother what he saw.


 Bunny was at the beach. Bunny saw a lot of  people  in the water. Bunny was in the water. He saw a lot of fish and he saw a big shark, but the shark  did  not  see him. He saw a barnacle. It did not make  any  noise. And he saw a clam. It did not make any  noise. Then he went to go surfing. Then he went  home  and  ate dinner. The next day he went back and went  surfing.


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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Bunnies 2003