Judy Guerrero's Kindergarten Class
Cimarron Elementary School
Katy, Texas
More Bunny Trouble

Ms. Guerrero's Kindergarten class wrote a letter to the character Ralph from More Bunny Trouble.

May 8, 2003
Dear Ralph,

We are sorry that your baby sister is lost. She is in Ms. Guerrero’s Kindergarten classroom. Emily sees a puppet show. She wants to play with it. Matthew and Tori are playing checkers and Emily wants to help them play. She also sees the art center where Julianna and Ryan are coloring pictures. Emily watches Derek and Matt play marbles and then she starts playing.

 Ralph…Emily is in Cimarron Elementary School in Katy, Texas. Get in a jet and fly to Katy, Texas and you will find Emily.

Mrs. Guerrero’s Class


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