Becky Hicks' Second Grade Class
Blanchard Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The April Rabbits

After reading "The April Rabbits" by David Cleveland, we took the last line of the story and had it begin our new story. Each student wrote one day of the story. Enjoy!

The May Hippopotamuses

A hippopotamus followed Robert home the last night of April. 
One the first day of May Robert saw one hippopotamus jumping on a trampoline. 
Two hippopotamuses were wrestling in Robert's bed on the second day of May.
On the third day of May three hippopotamuses went to school. 
Four hippopotamuses were in Robert's school room May the fourth.
On the fifth day of May five hippopotamuses were reading books about rivers in the library.
On the sixth day of May six hippopotamuses went for a swim. 
May seventh there were seven hippopotamuses at the zoo. 
On May eighth eight hippopotamuses were playing a game of soccer at recess. 
The nine hippopotamuses ran to the street and then they had a race on May ninth. 
Ten hippopotamuses were swimming in a pool on May tenth.
On the eleventh day of May eleven hippopotamuses were flying in the house. 
May twelfth there were twelve hippopotamuses at the zoo watching the rabbits. 
Thirteen hippopotamuses are in the bath tub on May thirteenth.
 On May fourteenth there were fourteen hippopotamuses swimming in the Mississippi River.
 On May fifteenth in the park at the pond there were fifteen hippopotamuses swimming in the pond and the ducks were all running away.
 On the sixteenth of May there were sixteen hippopotamuses that were all dressed up very pretty. 
Seventeen hippopotamuses were in the bath tub and took Robert's soap and went to the waterfall river and took a bath on the seventeenth of May. 
There were eighteen hippopotamuses all in a line on May eighteenth.
For most of the rest of the month of May the hippopotamuses had a great time having a party in Robert's basement.
But on the last day of May, Robert went to his basement and found it all clean and neat, but no hippopotamuses. 
That evening, after Robert was in bed, a monkey was quietly climbing in his bedroom window.


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