Erin Holt's Second Grade Class
Wilburn Year-Round Elementary School
Raleigh, North Carolina

Lunch Bunnies

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Lunch Bunnies in Second Grade
By Mrs. Holt’s Second Grade Class

It was the first day of second grade.  Clyde wasn’t nervous about going through the lunch line any more.  He had made lots of friends, so he was really looking forward to the new school year.

 “You’d better hope you don’t get Mrs. Holt,” whispered Jefferson as they got off the bus at the school door.  “She’s mean!  She gives lots of homework!”

 Just then Rosemary came running up to Clyde and Jefferson.  “Guess what, Clyde! We’re in the same class this year.  We have Mrs. Holt!”   

 “Oh, no!” gasped Clyde. 

 When he walked into the room, his new teacher, Mrs. Holt greeted him with a smile and showed him to his seat.  

 “Boy!  I hope Mrs. Holt doesn’t give me a lot of hard work,” said Clyde.

 Mrs. Holt asked all of the boys and girls to take out their pencils and paper.  She asked them to draw a picture of themselves.

 Clyde thought to himself, “She doesn’t seem mean at all.”

 A new boy came into the classroom.  He had skinny legs, a big head and a long nose.  He seemed weird.  Clyde felt anxious.  He just knew that the strange looking boy was going to sit next to him.

 Mrs. Holt said to the class, “Boys and girls this is Tom.” 

 Sure enough, Mrs. Holt asked Tom to sit next to Clyde.  Clyde thought to himself, “I hope he isn’t a bully.”  

 As soon as Tom sat down, Clyde noticed that Tom smelled good.  He smelled like roses.  He looked at Tom’s nose and thought it didn’t look that long after all.

 Clyde saw that Tom was feeling nervous.  Clyde asked Tom, “Would you like to sit with me at lunch?”

 At the cafeteria, Clyde was not nervous about carrying his tray across the room.  He quickly walked to a table.  Before Tom got to the table, however, he stepped on a cube of Jell-O, skidded across the cafeteria and dropped his tray on the floor.  Tom was very upset and started to cry.

 Rosemary, who was behind Tom in the lunch line, came over and said, “Can I help you?”

Rosemary helped Tom clean up the mess and Clyde got him a new tray. 

 Rosemary said, “Don’t feel bad, Tom.  I did the same thing last year”.

 At the end of the day Mrs. Holt said, “You are brilliant and sweet students so tonight you have no homework!”

 When Clyde got home he said to Jefferson, “My teacher is very nice!  I don’t have any homework tonight.”

 That night when they were getting ready to go to bed, Clyde said to Jefferson,  “I learned something today.  I learned not to judge people before I get to know them.  Mrs. Holt wasn’t mean after all.  Tom wasn’t a bully either. "

 Jefferson said, “Clyde, you’re pretty smart for a second grader!”

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