Amanda Madden's Second Grade Class
Brushy Creek Elementary
Taylors, South Carolina

Show and Tell Bunnies

We read Show and Tell Bunnies by Kathryn Lasky. After reading the book, we were very interested in learning more about spiders. Some of the students in our class thought that spiders were insects, but others said they were not. It was a good thing that we were learning about animals in science, because we wanted to learn so much more about them! After reading more books and researching insects, we discovered that spiders were NOT insects. Even though they sort of look like insects, they are really very different. See our Kidspiration activity below!

Finally, our class thought of what Clyde might bring to the next show and tell. We knew he would want to bring something even better next time! We all came up with ideas and then we chose one to write about. Here is our sequel to the book.

Show and Tell Bunnies II

It was almost time for show and tell in Clyde's class again. Clyde was worried about what to bring this time. For the last show and tell, he could not find anything to bring.

Then he found a strange ball in his basement. He took it to school and it turned out to be the best show and tell item of all - hundreds of baby spiderlings!! 

Clyde knew he would have a hard time finding something that exciting again - but he decided to try. He looked and looked, but couldn't find anything interesting. Then he went upstairs to the attic. He found a spiky ball. He thought it might bounce and be really cool, so he picked it up. "Ouch!" he said.

 He quickly and carefully put it in a box. The next day, after he ate breakfast, he rode his bike to school. He made sure that the ball was still in the box.

 When it was his turn, he walked to the front of the room. He was very nervous about his turn for show and tell. Would everyone like his object this time?

 On his way to the front of the room, Clyde tripped and fell. When he did, the ball fell out of the box and rolled across the room. Then it stopped and....s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d! The ball was really a porcupine!! 

Clyde had brought the coolest show and tell item again. All of the children were excited and they learned all about porcupines in class that day.

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Bunnies 2003