Carol Stevenson's First Grade Class
Lillian Feinstein School at Sackett Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Hang on, Hopper!

Mrs. Stevenson and her 1st grade class worked with Ms. Sullivan, the computer teacher and with Ms. Conway, the library teacher. The 1st grade children listened attentively to Ms. Sullivan reading the story Hang On, Hopper! by Marcus Pfister. Each student had an opportunity to add a sentence to the ending of the story. They also selected an animal or an item to add to the illustrations.

An Extension of the Story Hang On Hopper
 by Marcus Pfiste

The next day Hopper and Scamp woke up ready to have fun. They play hide and go seek and jump rope. They race together. The faster runner will be the winner.

They also go to the movies and play games together. They visit their friends. One of their friends is the Beaver. They go to the park together; Hopper and Scamp play tag together. They also go to the zoo together. After Hopper and Scamp play together they explore in the river, in the field and in the forest.

In the river they find golden rocks and shiny rocks. They find some fish in the river. They find new friends in the river. For example they find a turtle. They also find more beavers. They see an old frog in the river. They also find snails in the river.

In the forest they find the bunnies mother. They see beautiful flowers and a big deer with antlers. They find other animals like birds. They meet a skunk.

In the field they meet a snake with a baby snake. They see more birds flying above the field they eat berries on a bush. A fox runs through the field. An owl sits in the tree in the forest. They make friends with a mouse. They also see butterflies in the field and a ladybug.

Hopper and Scamp make friends with other rabbits. Hopper and Scamp hop around with their new friends. They see goats eating grass in the field. They also see a cow eating grass in the field. They hear a cricket and see a cricket in the field. Bumblebees buzz by. Flies also fly by. Hopper and Scamp find a squirrel.

They see a lot more things, for example they see a horse, a beehive, a grasshopper, a spider, a bird's nest, some baby birds are in the nest and some eggs are there. The mama bird brings some food like worms or bugs to the baby birds. Also, a hunting dog and a wolf might be running by. There is a herd of sheep in the field and a sheep dog that works to keep them together. Another dog is in the field. Her name is Teddy.

At the end of the day, Hopper goes home to his mother. He is tired and is happy to take a nap at home.

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In the Kidspiration document the animals need to be placed in the forest, in the river or in the field. Please help by putting the animals in the right place.

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Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Bunnies 2003