Mrs. Applebaum's First Grade Class
Norwood Avenue Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Stranger in the Woods

Our first grade class knew the snow was coming so we decided to read some books about it. One of the many books we read was Stranger In the Woods by Jean Stoick. We talked about who the stranger really was.
We decided to use Interactive Writing and write our own recipe for a snowman. It really came out cute.
Then we practiced our keyboarding skills at the computer.  We hope you enjoy our activity.

How to Make a Snowman

  1. First you make a snowball.

  2. Next you roll it.

  3. Next you make a medium snowball

  4. Next you make a little snowball.

  5. You put the big one on the ground.

  6. You put the medium one on the big one.

  7. Next you put the little one on top.

  8. We put the hat on.

  9. We put the scarf on.

  10. We put the branches in.

  11. Next goes the eyes, mouth and nose.

  12. Last spray colored water on the snowman.



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