Mrs. Chartier's First Grade Class
McBride School
St. Helens, Oregon

Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days

Our first grade class loves all of the Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant. And we love winter! So we read Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days and wished for snow. Unfortunately, we live in Oregon…so we only got RAIN! Rain can be fun, too, however, especially when you are a girl like Elizabeth who has a pet frog named Lily. We hope you enjoy reading our story as much as we had fun writing it!

Elizabeth and Lily
In Drizzly Days

 Written by Mrs. Chartier’s 1st Grade

 Based on the book

Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days

Story by Cynthia Rylant
Pictures by Sucie Stevenson

It was winter.  Elizabeth and her little green frog named Lily loved winter because they loved rain.  They were waiting by the window for the first raindrop.  (written by Sean, Becca, Tyler, and Ashley)

 Every morning Elizabeth looked out her window.  She was looking for rain.  “Not yet, Lily,” she would say.  At night when the stars were out, she was hoping that rain would come the next day.  “Not yet, Lily,” she would say.  (written by Karli, Maddie, Mitchell, and Sierra)

 One morning Elizabeth and Lily looked out the window, and they saw rain.  “Rain, rain!” shouted Elizabeth.  They put their faces up to the window.  Then they hopped all the way downstairs.  They were ready for a drizzly day.  (written by Michael, Kip, Devon, and Emily K.)

 Elizabeth got dressed to go outside.  First she got on her rain pants.  Then she put on her socks and her yellow rubber boots.  Next she put on her rain hat.  Then she put on her raincoat.  Finally she put on her gloves and scarf.  The last thing she grabbed was her big blue umbrella.  (written by Trevor, Mariah, Nicole, and Eli)

 Lily was waiting under the chair.  She didn’t need to get on anything to be ready for the rain.  She could swim good with her webbed feet, and she had waterproof skin.  They opened the door and went outside.  (written by Kelsey, Kolton, Chris, and Lauren)

First they jumped in puddles.  That was great fun!  Next Elizabeth put her umbrella upside down in a puddle, and they pretended it was a boat.  Lily went for a boat ride!  When Lily jumped out, she and Elizabeth spun around in the puddles.  Finally they put their tongues out to catch the raindrops. 

(written by  Adam, Jasmine, Keaton, Justin, and Emily E.)

 After playing outside for three hours, Elizabeth and Lily were cold and wet and tired.  Elizabeth’s dad let them in and sent them right into the shower.  The water felt so, so warm!  After that, Elizabeth got dressed in clean clothes, and she and Lily ate some dinner.  Oh, did they love drizzly days!


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