Mrs. Elliott's Second Grade Class
Windsor Elementary School
Windsor, Maine

The Mitten

Mrs. Elliott's Second Graders from Maine enjoyed reading and working with Jan Brett's The Mitten. The students used the words "Winter Mitten" in order to create two winter poems. Each child created a new adventure for a mitten. Students paired up and did research on each animal from the story and shared their findings with the class. Then each student designed a mitten and wrote up the directions for how to duplicate each design. We then exchanged these directions for directions written by a class from Michigan. As you can see, we had a lot of fun as a result of this book. If you wish to visit what we click here.

The following is the class story they came up with as they rewrote The Mitten.

Once there was a girl named Tiffany. She wanted mittens as white as a puffy cloud. "If you drop a white mitten in the snow it will be hard to find," her mom said to her.

When she finished knitting, Tiffany put on the mittens and went out to play. It wasn't long before one mitten fell off.

A little puppy found it and snuggled inside. It was just the right size so she decided to stay.

An ant came trudging through the snow. She pushed in next to the puppy.

A mouse wanted to get warm. The puppy and the ant made room for her.

A bird flew down and didn't want to be left out, so the puppy, the ant and the mouse had to move over. The little mitten was getting stuffed!

A bee came buzzing around and saw the mitten. She flew right in.

It started to snow, so a woodchuck shoved her way in and made herself right at home.

Then a porcupine came tumbling down the snow bank. She poked her way inside. The mitten was getting bigger and bigger.

Then the porcupine hit the puppy with her tail. The puppy barked near the bee. The bee stung the woodchuck. The woodchuck bit the mouse's tail. The mouse whacked the bird's tail feathers. The bird ate the ant! All this was too much for the mitten and it exploded, throwing the animals in every direction.

Tiffany never did find what was left of her mitten. So her mother made her another pair. This time they were red!!

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