Ms. Goodman's Kindergarten Class
Shallowford Falls
Marietta, Georgia

Stranger in the Woods
by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

We read the book in the classroom. The children loved the photography. We made a list of animals in the story. We talked about living in the country and living in the city. We then made a list of animals or things that we would see in the city. We had fun making a list of different things that we could use for a snowman’s nose.
The activity we chose was to change the story to The Stranger in the City.

Our Version

“Stranger in the city! Stranger in the city!” said the pigeons. The squirrel scampered past the construction site.  The workers were cold and had a fire.

 An ambulance raced by with its lights flashing.  A yellow taxicab and a garbage truck rumbled by. 

 The squirrel moved down the sidewalk.  He ran under a delivery truck at the grocery store and a mail truck in the parking lot.

 A cat ran by meowing, “Stranger in the City!” A school bus stopped to pick up some kids. A traffic copter flew by.  A dog barked behind his fence. “Woof, Woof! A stranger in the city! Be careful!”   Vroom!  A big, red fire truck hurried by.

 The squirrel got closer to an apartment building.  He saw some children going inside for hot chocolate.  On their playground, he saw the stranger! 

 He climbed up his twig arms and grabbed a peanut button.  He heard a noise and ran up the tree.  The children came back with a carrot for the stranger’s nose.  The squirrel watched the children make another stranger.  He waited until they went back inside and then he climbed down and ate another peanut, and another, and another…


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