Mrs. Hall's First Grade Class
South Lebanon Elementary School
Maineville, Ohio

The Biggest, Best Snowman

Our 1st Grade Class read The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler. We have been working on story comprehension skills including sequencing. After reading the story we talked about the most important events in the story and the order that they happened. To complete this activity, move the parts of the story under the correct number to show the order that they occurred in this book.

 We decide to write directions on how to build a snowman. Some of the things that we discussed were giving clear directions and making sure that the steps were in the right order. Maybe you can try to build a snowman by following these directions!

1. Roll the snow into a big ball, a medium ball, and a small ball.

2. Put the big ball on the bottom.

3. Put the medium ball on top of the big ball.

4. Put the small ball on top.

5. Use buttons or rocks to make a mouth.

6. Get a carrot and use it for the nose.

7. Use buttons, rocks or raisins for the eyes.

8. Use 2 sticks for the arms.

9. Get a hat for your snowman.

10. Get a broom for the snowman to hold.

11. Put finishing touches to make it look beautiful!

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