Mrs. Lisk’s and Mrs. Redus’ Second Grade Classes
Mrs. Kosiorek, Computer Teacher
Liberty Elementary School
Great Meadows, New Jersey

Snowed in at Pokeweed School

The students in Mrs. Lisk’s and Mrs. Redus’ classes read the book Snowed in at Pokeweed School by John Bianchi. After reading the story the students as a class rewrote the story with twist.
Then the students completed some snow related activities. In Math Class they played the Blizzard Game to reinforce their addition skills.

When they came to the computer lab for their weekly computer class they completed the following Kidspiration activity. This activity reinforced the vocabulary they learned while reading the book, Snowed in at Pokeweed School but also reinforced what they have been learning about parts of speech.

Once everyone had their lunches, the bus driver told us to be quiet so he could concentrate on the road. It was then that I noticed the driver wasn’t Mr. Golden Retriever, our usual driver. I turned to my friend Melody and whispered into her ear, “This isn’t our regular bus driver. I wonder what happened to Mr. Golden Retriever?”

Suddenly the driver made a sharp left-hand turn and we plummeted down a steep, windy hill. The back wheels on the bus locked up and caused us to spin and slide at break-neck speed! Just as the front wheels locked, we came to a screeching halt and landed in a snow-covered parking lot.

 Fortunately, no one was injured. Then the bus driver announced, "This is your stop. Everybody off!" As Melody and I stepped off the bus we noticed that our school was completely white. It was covered by a thick blanket of drifted snow. We couldn’t even see the Pokeweed Public School sign!

When we walked through the front door, we were quite surprised by what we saw. There were many people wearing weird white masks and strange elastic hats. One of them, who looked a lot like our school nurse, Miss Tweety, shouted out, "OH NO! There’s a whole group of injured children standing here! Get them to the Emergency Room immediately!!"

The people wearing the hats and masks began charging at us. We froze in our tracks. "Wait a minute!" I shouted. No one seemed to hear me so I screamed even louder to get their attention. "WAIT-JUST-A-MINUTE! WE’RE NOT INJURED! WE’RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! . . . . . . . Where exactly are we anyway?"

It was at that moment that Melody tapped on my shoulder and pointed to a large sign on the wall. It said, "Welcome to Pokeweed Temp Hospital! ( We NEVER close! )"  "But why are you all here if no one is hurt?" the nurse who looked just like Miss Tweety questioned. "Well," I said, "We had a substitute bus driver today and he must have thought this was our school so he let us off here by mistake. Perhaps you could call Principal Slugmeyer at Pokeweed Public School and tell him we are here at Pokeweed Temp Hospital." "I’d be delighted to call him for you," exclaimed the nurse.

While we waited for the bus to arrive, we made ‘Get Well’ cards for all of the patients in the hospital. At last the bus pulled up to the curb. We said good-bye to everyone in the lobby and climbed into the bus. We were relieved to see that Mr. Golden Retriever, our regular driver, was sitting behind the wheel. We were finally on our way to another classic day at Pokeweed Public School!


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© Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Kidspired Frosty Tales 2003