Mrs. Marshall's Second Grade Class
JFK Elementary School
East Islip, New York

The Mitten & The Hat

What other fabulous author comes to mind during these cold winter months than the One and Only...JAN BRETT!!

Our class had a fantastic time exploring Mrs. Brett’s craft as an author! We particularly love her choice of fascinating animals, Her illustrations are beautiful, and my students took note of the way she puts upcoming characters/events on the corner of the pages to give the reader some idea of what may be coming next!

Our class eagerly and enthusiastically decided to write our very own version of Jan Brett’s stories...I sat at the computer and used a projector to allow the children to see their story as it was being created. They brainstormed and worked cooperatively to create this adorable version of The Mitten...ENJOY!

The Glove

Written by Mrs. Marshall’s Second Grade Class

Once there was a boy named Brandon who just bought a brand new pair of green gloves.  Brandon couldn’t wait to wear his new gloves to school!  When he left for the bus stop, his mother told him to be very careful not to lose his gloves, he said, “I promise, they will not get lost!”

Off Brandon went.  Just as he was getting on the bus, Brandon dropped one of his new green gloves.  The children who were getting on the bus behind Brandon, did not see the glove, they stepped on it over and over again!  The glove was laying in the street alone, until Perky, the dog with a slight cold, decided to crawl into the glove to keep warm.  As Cindy, the cute little kitten, passed by the glove, she noticed how warm and cozy Perky looked.  Cindy quickly crawled into the glove.  Along came Hermie, the neighborhood hermit crab, who quickly joined Perky and Cindy in the glove.  Each animal made themselves cozy in a “finger” of their choice!  Hoppy was hopping down the street when she saw how cozy all of her friends looked.  Hoppy asked very politely if she could join her friends in the cozy glove…they, of course, were thrilled to have her join them.  Finally, Sam the snake slithered his way over to the beautiful green glove.  He very carefully slid his body into the tallest finger of the glove, and fell comfortably asleep! 

Just as the animals thought that they had found a new, cozy home…that adorable dog Perky, with the slight cold, felt a sneeze coming on.  Perky tried his best to hold back the sneeze, but it came anyway!  A…A…A…ACHOOOOOO!!!

Flying out of the glove came Sam, Hoppy, Hermie, and Cindy.

 Perky was alone in the green glove, when a large yellow bus pulled up.  Off jumped Brandon.  He spotted his wonderful green glove with Perky inside.  Brandon ran all the way home and was thrilled that he now has a new pet puppy!!

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