Mrs. Marz's First Grade Class
Norwood Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Thomas' Snowsuit

Our class read the story Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch, as a read aloud. The children enjoyed the story and we decided to write a poem and re-write the story too!

New, Brown.
Oh, no!
Won't wear it!
Suit, Dress,
I said, "NNNNNO."

Darlene's Dress
by Mrs. Marz's Class

One day Darlene's mother bought her a nice new pink dress.  When Darlene saw that dress she said, "That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.  If you think I am going to wear that dress you are crazy!"

Darlene's mother said, "We will see about that."

The next day when it was time to go to a party,
the mother said, "Darlene, please put on your dress," and Darlene said, "NNNNNO."

Her mother jumped up and down and said, "Darlene,
put on that dress!"  And Darlene said, "NNNNNO!"

So Darlene's mother picked up Darlene in one hand, picked up the dress in the other hand and she tried to stick them together.  They had an enormous fight and when it was done Darlene was in her dress.

Darlene went off to the party.

At the party Darlene saw her friends Victoria and Pat.  Victoria was wearing a yellow dress and Pat was wearing a blue dress. 

Darlene told Victoria she liked her yellow dress.
Victoria said, "My yellow dress is ugly."
Victoria told Pat she liked her blue dress.
Pat said, "My blue dress is uglier."  
Pat told Darlene she liked her pink dress.
Darlene said, "My pink dress is the ugliest."
Well, they argued and argued and argued but
they each said, "My dress is the UGLIEST."
Finally, Darlene had an idea, she said, "Let's trade dresses!" 

So they did.  And they all had a GREAT time at
Thomas' party and no one moved to Arizona.

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