Mrs. Pilver's First Grade Class
Brooklyn Elementary School
Brooklyn, Connecticut

The Mitten Tree

We read The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen. We wrote a new ending for the story. We decided to tell who left the yarn for Sarah.

The next day, we talked about what kind of person Sarah is and how we knew using examples from the story. Then we brainstormed some words to describe her. We decided she was kind, creative and generous. After that, we played a game. Each of us had a turn and we had to think of a word to describe us. One rule was that if you gave a word you also had to give an example that proved it! We wrote all of the character description words on a chart. After that, we choose a friend or family member to make a character web about in Kidspiration.

As Sarah neared her porch and climbed the steps, she saw something waiting for her. There in the corner was a basket woven with thick brown vines and decorated with a large white bow. In it were balls and balls of beautiful yarn. Sarah wondered who they were from. She looked around her yard and saw footsteps in the snow. They led to the mitten tree. Sarah followed the footsteps and looked under the tree. There she saw the little boy that she gave the first pair of mittens to. He smiled and Sarah winked back at him. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cookie. The little boy ate the cookie happily. To this day, Sarah still knits mittens for all the children in the town. Now, every time Sarah runs out of mittens she leaves a basket of cookies outside her door. The next day, a full basket of yarn appears.

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