Mrs. Wall's First Grade Class
Dacula Elementary School
Dacula, Georgia

Night Tree

Just before Christmas, our class read the book "Night Tree" by Eve Bunting. We were inspired to make a Christmas tree for the animals just like the characters did in the book. Once we'd finished, we wrote our own version of "Night Tree".

Later, we used our story to practice the publishing process. We reread the story after the holidays and added details that we hoped might help you create mental images in your head as you read. We fixed any mistakes we found and got it ready for publishing on this website. Maybe your class would like to make a winter tree for the animals at your school!

School Trees
by Mrs. Wall's Class

        One cold, windy morning Mrs. Wall’s class was making food for the animal’s Christmas tree!  We read a book called Night Tree and then we decided to make a Christmas tree for the animals who don’t have enough food.  All of us brought food.  First we broke into three teams: the pinecone team, the Cheerio team and the fruit team.  The Cheerio team put LOTS of Cheerios on red and green string.  The fruit team put pieces of apples and oranges on hooks.  The pinecone team put peanut butter on 12 pinecones and rolled them in birdseed. 

        Then we went outside in the cold and decorated 4 evergreen trees by our classroom windows for the animals.  We also put bread, carrots and extra fruit underneath the trees.  It was freezing cold so we did it quickly.  Some of us saw some birds eating from our birdfeeder.  We wondered, “Would they eat the food that’s on the tree also?”  Later we took pictures of ourselves standing by the trees.

        When we came back from Christmas break we saw the 4 trees were almost empty!  There were only 2 Cheerios left.  We were happy because we were glad that nature’s animals had lots of food in their stomachs to be healthy!



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