May 1, 2007

I clicked on a website and it had this wonderful diagram of the ladybug life cycle!  First, they start out as eggs.  Then, they look really different as larva.  I don't think I've ever seen a ladybug larva! Maybe I did but I didn't know what it was.  Now, I'll look in the garden more closely.

After the larval state (which lasts 2-4 weeks), the insect becomes a pupa.  It sort of curls up and changes itself.... into a ladybug!

But, when I read the website more closely, I see that the picture is from a different website!  It has a copyright symbol on it (a 'c in a circle').  This means that people can't just use it without mentioning where it came from or asking permission beforehand. 

I'm going to remember to read websites very carefully and notice both the address above and any other special words inside or near any pictures, drawings or photos inside the site, too.  They may be different. 

Pedro   Hali   Monty