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Great pictures and explanation of ladybirds!

  • This is where I found out that ladybugs (also called ladybirds) will not lay eggs unless they know aphids live there.  This page has a lot of great information about diet, habitat and other facts.
  • What a great site!  Click on any ladybug to get more information.   
  • Ask the ladybug lady a question!  A FAQ is always a great place to start research:  The information is presented in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format.   
  • Enchanted Learning is a great reference site.  You can find information about anything here!  They also have worksheets to help you review what you've learned.  On the ladybug research page, they have a Life Cycle Label Me chart.   


  • Did you know that there are many different species, or kinds, of ladybugs?  See photos of them here.
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