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Ladybug Activities

Ladybug Activities

These activities were created by graduate students at NYIT as part of their course in Language Arts and Technology.  The PowerPoint games need to be downloaded.  You need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer.  The PowerPoint viewer unfortunately doesn't work well at all.
In order to avoid frustration, classroom teachers should preview all the activities on their classroom computers to make sure the activities work. 

A Ladybug in London
Carolyn Semet created this story with the CAST UDL Book Builder. Some of the illustrations are photographs she took in London.
Ladybug snuck into Ms. Henson's red suitcase in order to get on a flight to London.  Find out what happens when she arrives! 

Olivia's Strange Landings
Learn about computer parts in this beautifully illustrated story.  Lynne  Bailey created it with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

I Am A Strong Gentleman Bug
In this story Milton Francis introduces you to Coccinella septempunctata.  The CAST UDL Book Builder prompts  ask  very interesting questions, provide many facts and give support.

Mr. Ladybug
Are ladybugs all female?  You will find this out along with other interesting information in Calvert Bowen's book.  He created it with the CAST UDL Book Builder.  The cover was designed with FD's Flickr Toys.

Rebecca and The....
Find out who Arleen Chan is talking about in her story.  Arleen used the CAST UDL Book Builder and  student created illustrations.

Full House
Read this story to find out how Timothy Sullivan uses ladybugs to teach you some math! This story was created with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

Little Lady and the Garden Games
There's a hidden message in this story.  Read it and find out.  Doug Luciano wrote this book with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

I'm A Ladybug Too!
Beverley Gregory wrote this story with the CAST UDL Book Builder.  You'll love it!

Colorful Ladybirds
David Manzalaoui used the CAST UDL Book Builder to create this informative book.  It has lovely photographics.

All About Ladybugs
Do you know how ladybugs keep their eggs safe?  The answer is in Jason Feliciano's story. You will learn some very interesting information in the book that he created with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

Little Scientist Meets Ladybug
Teresa Noverr-Chin wrote a story with the CAST UDL Book Builder that will the entertain and fascinate you.  Don't miss this one!

Honest Henrietta
In this story, author Deirdre Doherty teaches us about honesty and friendship.  It was created with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

Betty Bug Visits the Orchestra
This story is about a ladybug who visits an orchestra. The author, Lee Nelson is a music teacher and his story will teach you about different instruments. He created it with the CAST UDL Book Builder.

A Bug's Life
Barry Spainer wrote this wonderful study with the CAST UDL Book Builder.  Learn about the life cycle of ladybugs.

Ms. Bug's Tropical Adventure
Mrs. Silverman wrote a story for with the CAST UDL Book Builder.  The photographs were taken on her scuba diving trips.  Mrs. Silverman also created this story with VoiceThread. The format is different but you can interact with the story.

The Lost Ladybug
Coleo the ladybug tries to escape a trap and gets lost.  Will he ever see his mother again?  Read Steven Schnee's story which was created with the CAST UDL Book Builder to find out.

Ladybug Fun
Stephanie Sutherland-Hansen had so much fun making this game.  Wait until you hear the sounds!(lower primary)

Ladybug Mini-Hunt
How much do you know about ladybugs?  Take Sara Lopriore's  mini-hunt to find out! After you have completed the hunt, Sara will guide you through a virtual ladybug nature walk.
(upper primary)

Ladybug Matching Game
Let's see if you know the life cycle of a butterfly. Leigh Ann Polenski and Monica Alderman created this fun matching game.
(lower primary)

Do you know what a ladybug would do if you squeeze it?  Find out when you play Judy Mui's ladybug PowerPoint game.
(upper primary)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Answer the questions and see how much money you can win.  Heidi Lappi and Marcos Cabrera ask some tough questions, so it won't be easy!  They created this game with Mark E. Damon's  PowerPoint Template.
(upper primary)

How the Ladybug Saved the Bald Eagle
JP Lang wrote a beautiful short tale about the ecology of the ladybug.  Not to be missed!
(all ages)

Missy Spends Time With Mommy
Here's your opportunity to have fun, practice your acting skills and learn about ladybugs.  Stephanie Krol wrote this script just for you!
(all ages)

Would you know how to care for a ladybug if you found one?  Aimee Peguerno created a fun Web Quest that will help you become a ladybug expert. 
(upper primary)

Ladybug Activities
Renee Picarello found some nice activities for you to do as you learn about ladybugs.
(lower primary)

Ladybug Facts
Are you ready for some fun?  First, read Ladybug Facts.  Then play Ladybug Squares.  Heather Galligan created both of these presentations.  After playing this in school you can play it at home with your family.  Please be fair and let them read Ladybug Facts first!
(all ages)

Ladybug On the Move
Listen to Mr. Webber read preschool children this story.  Mr. Webber and his students dressed up as ladybugs for this special occasion.  You need to have Windows Media Player to see and hear it.  Mac users can download it for free.  Click HERE to see it on YouTube.
(lower primary)

Ladybird Beetles
Get ready to sing and learn all about ladybugs.  Marianne DeMarco has some questions for you too!
(lower primary)

Ladybug: Not Just Another Beauty
Brett Cohen wrote wonderful script that has interesting ladybug information.  Calling all actors and actresses, it's showtime!
If you have a pc and your teacher activated our Ms. Bug text to speech reader, you can have Ms. Bug read the script for you! Click HERE.
(upper primary

A Ladybug's Life
Sue Brink and Dave Telgheder  created this wonderful and adorable interactive storybook on ladybugs.
(all ages)

Ladybug Jeopardy
It's time for Jeopardy!  Sue Brink and Dave Telgheder made this game to test your knowledge of ladybugs. 
(upper primary)

Butterfly Concentration Game
How much do you know about ladybugs?  See if you can win Julie Doyle's game on Quia.
(all ages)

Ladybug Wiki
Here's your chance to share what you learned on this wiki created by Jennifer Kirby.
(upper primary)

Crossword Ladybug
Ernest Black invites you to do some research on ladybugs and then have fun with his crossword puzzle.
(upper primary)

Gap-fill Exercise
Edwin Gillian challenges you to fill in the gaps in this ladybug reading exercise.
(upper primary)

All About Ladybugs Crossword
After filling in the gaps, give Edwin Gillian's crossword puzzle a try.
(upper primary)

From Rags to Riches
Have fun with this game created in Quia by Julie Cracco.
(all ages)

Ladybug Review
Brian Kiernan, the creator of this game works with high school students.  He hopes this game is not too difficult for you.  I bet it's not!
(upper primary)

Ladybug Symmetry
Ryan Speer teaches you about ladybugs and has some nice symmetry projects for you to do.
(upper primary)

Grouchy Ladybug WebQuest
Learn about ladybugs and character development in Ian Walker's Web Quest.
(lower primary)

Ladybug Land
If you enjoy playing Candyland wait until you try Patricia McGibney's game!
(all ages)

The Ladybug Diaries
Louis Morgan has a few questions for you to answer about ladybugs.  Once you've answered them, he will lead you to some fun activities.


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