Mrs. Dukic's Library Club
Kowloon Junior School
Year 3
Hong Kong

Students in KJS Library Club were excited to start our new project about ladybugs. They learned a lot of interesting facts about ladybugs by reading books about ladybugs, watching movies and exploring websites.

The students chose different ways to demonstrate what they learned. Some students decided to create a PowerPoint presentation, some used a PhotoStory and one student created a ladybug quiz by using a very simple program called HotPotato. The studentsí work is accessible from our wiki space named LibraryZone.

 LibraryZone is a learning platform for students in Library Club. They use it to learn research skills, write stories, generate information resources, work on collaborative research projects, present their work to wider audience, discuss various issues and communicate with one another and with the librarian.

 In the project about ladybugs students used wiki to collaboratively develop resources about ladybugs, to discuss and comment the work on the project and to publish their final work. In the Lucky Ladybugs project students could choose the way of presenting their knowledge about ladybugs according to the principles of the UDL design.

PowerPoint Presentation (This presentation is also available on slideshare)

Ladybug Quiz

Our PhotoStory


This story is available as a wmv file on our wiki


©  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2007