Ms. Hellbusch's Kindergarten Class
English Landing Elementary School
Kansas City, Missouri

Our kindergarten students have been very busy learning about ladybugs!  To begin our ladybug unit, we went on a fact hunt looking for as many facts as we could find about ladybugs.  We used the internet to research facts.  We also read a nonfiction book about ladybugs and a Scholastic magazine article about ladybugs.  At the end of our study each student was asked to write facts that they had learned about ladybugs.  We learned so many amazing facts about ladybugs.  Enjoy reading some student examples.  

Kellen: Ladybugs eat aphids.  Ladybugs protect themselves with a bad smelling liquid.
Dawson: Ladybugs flap their wings 85 times in one second.
Annie: Ladybugs eat aphids.  Ladybugs fly.
Bradley: Their wings are symmetrical.
Grace A: Ladybugs don't fly in the cold.  Ladybugs use soft wings to fly.
Sophia: Egg to larva to pupa to ladybug!
Grace P: Ladybugs flap their wings 85 times in one second.  Ladybugs eat aphids.
Kyle: Ladybugs hibernate like bears.
Ian: Ladybugs are an egg. Then they are a larva.  Then they are a pupa.  Then they are a ladybug.

Ladybug BookThe students used ladybugs to help them understand some difficult math concepts.  We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle to learn about time.  The students sequenced the story and practiced writing time in a "Grouchy Ladybug" book.

symmetryWe learned that a ladybug's dots are symmetrical.  We made symmetric ladybugs by painting one side of the paper.  Then we folded the paper and our dots were the same on both sides of the paper.  This showed symmetry.

number sentencesThe students also used ladybugs to create and illustrate addition number sentences.

To end our unit our students worked with our third grade buddies to write acrostic ladybug poems.  Enjoy reading some student poems.

Christian's Poem                               Spencerís Poem                               Taylorís Poem


Love                                                 Lifecycle                                         Lucky

Adorable                                          Amazing                                          Angels

Daring                                              Different kinds                                Decorative

Yucky                                               Yellow                                             Yucky

Bug                                                  Black Spots                                     Beetles

Unique                                             Unkind to birds                               Unique

Gunk                                                Goes fast                                        Goes fast


©  Susan Silverman and Sarah McPherson 2007