Teacher:  Rebecca Little                     Class:  Extend I (self -contained)                                 
Unit Topic:   Ladybugs - Math
Objectives: A, B - Students will be able to skip count by 2's
Extended SCOS entry point KEY:   A=symbolic         B=early symbolic  C=pre-symbolic C - Students will be able to tap or blink in groups of 2
A, B - Students will be able to identify & create a symmetrical pattern
A, B - Students will use touch points to multiply by 2's
A, B - Students will use touch points to add doubles
  C - Students will be able to choose or match the same
Activities: * Use ladybugs as manipulatives to form addition sentences
* Use ladybugs as manipulatives to solve simple multiplication problems
* Sing skip counting songs
* guided practice - ink blot ladybugs & smartboard
* create a ladybug using the computer, crayons and paper, stamps, construction
 paper mosaic, or stickers - their creation should include number sentences
 (adding doubles, nx2) & their ladybug should be symmetrical (wings, dots)
  *(C) Ladybug folder game (dots)  / sorting bugs by color / songs to clap to
Technology? Kid Pix or other drawing program  / smartboard
  overhead projector - ladybug outline transparancy & coins for dots
warm ups students will write out even numbers
activating skip count chanting and songs
organizing ink blot ladybugs
comprehending (see assessment)
applying independent practice worksheets (adding doubles, nx2, symmetry)
Essential ? What do adding doubles and multiplying by 2 have in common?
Materials &  ladybug worksheet, black paint
 Resources: craft supplies
computer / Kid Pix and other drawing software
overhead projector - ladybug outline with coins for dots
  Smartboard - ladybug template
Assessment: students will create a symmetrical ladybug and include number sentences
(+doubles, nx2) Students can choose how to represent the ladybug