Lady was very excited to see that the last event was "hide-n-seek."  This was Lady's favorite game to play.  When she got to school she quickly went to sign up and saw that all her friends were signing up too.  Big Leroy signed up, Gary the Grasshopper, and even Susan the Slug was signing up.  All of them are very good friends of Lady and she wanted everyone to win. 

There was one bug that was choosen to be "IT" and they had to find everyone in the game.  If they did then they won but if there was one bug who wasn't found then that bug won.

Big Leroy was just to big

Gary was choosen to be it when the game began.  Lady quickly found a great spot to hide.  When Gary had finished counting to 100 he quickly found Susan who didn't get very far from where the game started.  Leroy as big as he was couldn't find anywhere to hide.  Lady's hiding spot was so good that Gary didn't find her.  In fact no one could find Little Lady.