Shaun Else
Maple Grove School
Grade 5
Oakville, Ontario


As part of our Literature Circles Novel Studies we had 5 groups reading 5 different books: "Detectives in Togas" by By Henry Winterfeld, "Earth Giant" by: Melvin Burgess, "Saddlebottom" by:Dick King-Smith, "Sword of Egypt" by: Bert Williams, and "Holes" by: Louis Sachar.
Students met on a weekly basis to present the weeks reading of chapters using a rotating set of jobs: Summarizer, Questioner, Passage Picker, Vocabulary Enricher, and Artful Artist. At the end of our 5 weeks of Literature Circles meetings we are putting together group "Book Presentation".
This presentation will include a number of student selected activities. We have chosen to send out "Best Work" to this site.
Sword of Egypt

  Susan Silverman - Literature Circles Extension Projects