Mrs. Madden's Second Grade Class
Blythe Academy of Languages
Greenville, South Carolina


Students participating in literature circle discussions and sharing their role sheets

Chicken Sunday

Aunt Chip and the Triple Creek Dam Affair

Some Birthday!

My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother

Students were all required to complete a “teacher assigned” extension project, which was to create a new book cover for the book he/she read. The book covers needed to include the title, author’s name and an illustration on the front and a story summary on the back. Student’s then made themselves holding the book covers and wrote their opinions of the book in a speech bubble for others to read.

Close up of book cover project

Hall display of book cover projects

“Choice” extension projects were also completed by each child. Students were given a list of project ideas for their books. Students worked in pairs or by themselves. Projects ranged from poems to games to dioramas to bookmarks.
Samples of "Choice" Extension Projects Completed by Students
Some students chose to create bookmarks illustrating a character or part of the story. The bookmarks also included story summaries.

After reading Some Birthday!, some students created birthday cards with birthday poems written inside.

This is a hat from Mr. Kodinski’s shop in the book Chicken Sunday. This hat was made with a bowl and a plate. Then the student wrote an advertisement for the hat.

Several students chose to work with partners to create a game about their story. Story characters were used as the game pieces and story events were used to move ahead or lose a turn!

This poem is about Mary Connor’s sister. She decided to write a poem about her sibling after reading My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother.

Sarah Beth was very creative in making her story diorama for My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother. She made it so she can really make Richie jump higher than Tricia, just like in the story!

This diorama about Some Birthday! shows the monster coming out of the lake!! Students wrote about the part of the story illustrated through the dioramas.

If Sydney had a store like Mr. Kodinski, she would sell purses instead of hats. She made a purse and wrote a commercial to persuade people to buy it for only $10.99!

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