Trivia Board Games

Students created 1 trivia board game and 1 board game with 4 levels, one for each part of the book.

Book 1
A Mouse is Born

·       A mouse is born                                                          

·       The story of a little mouse

·       You open your eyes +5pts   

·       “Pass me my make up bag” +2pts

·       Find yourself staring at the light +10pts

·       Learning to be a mouse

·       Light Card

·       Once upon a time…

·       You nibble story paper

     -5 pts

·       Look at the night in  shining armor

·       Light Card

·       Light Card Box

·       Follow the music go 3 spaces forward

·       Dark  Card

·       Listen to the music 1 space forward

·       You meet Princess Pea +10 pts

·       You get carried by princess Pea +5pts

·       Got captured by king      -10pts

·        Light Card

·       You have been summoned by the mouse council 2 spaces forward  -4pts

·       Dark Card

·       Mouse council  found Guilty

·       Ask to talk to the princess one more time  


·       Tie a thread around your neck 1 space forward

·       Dark Card Box

·       “Farewell  Despereaux”    go 3 steps forward

·       Light Card

·       Good luck reader 1 space forward

·       Go to the dungeon

 Book 2


·       Welcome to book #2 +2 points

·       Trivia: what came first rat or mouse?

·       caught nibbling on Gregory’s rope receive no points

·       Pick up a Dark Card  lose 5 points

·       Miss by a whisker

·       Found Botticelli up Two Light Cards

·       Skip two spaces forward

·       Find Botticelli and give him the locket and gain 6 points

·       Explorer Dungeon

·       Stare at the light 1 space forward

·       You got hypnotized by Botticelli lose 4 points

·       Pick a dark Card

·       Get red rag from prisoner

·       Leave the Dungeon to the castle

·       Pick up a Light Card + 2 points

·       Go to the Dungeon

·       Fall in the queen’s soup receive  Dark Card

·       The queen Died gain 2 points

·       Pick a Dark Card – 4 points

·       Steal a gold spoon + 9 points

·       Plan your revenge + 6 points

·       Move on  Reader  1 more space forward

·       Continue into the third book

Book 3
Gor!  The Tale of Miggery Sow

·       Enter Book # 3 +3pts

·       Pick up a Dark Card


·       Get clouted in the ear -10pts

·       New Law Passed +5pts

·       Pick up a Light Card +2pts

·       The princess waves at you +3pts

·       Pick up a Dark Card


·       No More Soup -5pts

·       Get traded for a red tablecloth ,hen ,and a handful of cigarettes


·       Get a Light Card

·       Get a Dark Card

·       Got Freed +10pts

·       Pick up a Light and Dark Card

·       Trivia: What did Mig’s Father trade her for? +3pts

·       Continue on to Book #4

  Book 4
Recalled to the Light

  • Welcome to book 4 to

continue your journey you

need to have all the items. 

  • You get passed by the

cook and she doesn’t hurt


  • You follow Botticelli

into the dungeon to rescue

the princess. 

  • Dark Card


  • The Light

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