Christy Sander
Arcadia Middle School
English Grade 7
Accomack, Virginia

The Cay & Hatchet

My Favorite PartHatchet

 My favorite part in this book, Hatchet, is when he was first stranded. The reason I picked this subject is because it is a really neat experience being stranded on the ocean or whatever by yourself (not that I want to try it!).


 My favorite part is when Brian makes fire. This is my favorite part because when he makes fire he is not alone anymore. He thinks that the fire is his friend because he has nobody to talk to or rescue him.


  My favorite part in this story is when the guy driving the plane has a heart attack. The reason this is my favorite part is because he keeps passing gas and it makes Brian want to throw up.


 My favorite part so far is when Brian falls out of the airplane. I like it because it scared me and I like to be scared!


Letter to the Author—Hatchet

Dear Gary Paulsen,

           Your book is awesome! I enjoyed the thrill of going from chapter to chapter. A lot of the time I wouldn’t want to put the book down. You can write outstanding mystery books or anything for that matter. It’s no wonder you got a Newberry Honor award. You’d think a girl wrote this book.


  Dear Gary Paulsen,

           This book was very interesting and full of adventure. Why did you think this book should have been called, “Hatchet”? I would also like to know why did there have to be a “big secret.” I really love your book.


If I Were in Brian's Shoes—Hatchet

If I were in Brian’s shoes I would not have probably gotten out of the plane to start with. I would have had a heart attack too because I can’t stand fish and I wouldn’t be able to catch anything. I would have freaked out when I saw the bear and the wolf. –Chelsea

Write a journal entry as if you were the main character...

Dear Diary,
These last few days have been really rough. The first thing I would like to write about is the big secret. I mean how could my mom do this to my dad and and I?  I really thought she was happy. I wouldn’t be in this mess if they didn’t get a divorce. My next big problem is being inside of a plane I didn’t know was going down with me along for the ride. I was so scared when I saw the man have a heart attack and die right next to me and the plane go down. The very last part that made me sick was those berries I ate. They were very nasty. I have never felt so much pain and smelled a worse smell since the pilot died. Well, that’s it for now.

Brian (Dinisha)

Dear Mom,
How are you? I’m fine. Well, a little. I can now start a fire with no matches! Can you believe it? I can. I really want you and Dad to get back together. Well just to let you know I’m lost somewhere in the woods of Canada. A plane came by but it didn’t see my signal. Well, I have to get back to trying to find food. Ok? Well, I love ya.

Love, Brian (Katrina)

p.s. Tell Terry I said “Hi.”

Dear Diary,
I thought today would be wonderful. I would get to see my dad and spend time with him. Boy was I wrong! While we were flying, the pilot had a heart attack and died. Sadly, he jerked the plane to the left and now we’re off course. Oh, I hope someone finds me.

Brian (Zuri)

Dear Dad,
Let me tell you what I had to eat. I ate these horrible gut cherries. Then I found raspberries. The next day I found turtle eggs. They all were good except the gut cherries. They made me sick.

Love your son, Brian (Carrie)

Dear Diary,
Date? Time? Today was weird. I fell asleep and kept drifting in and out. About the fifth or sixth time, I heard a slithering noise. It started getting closer and closer. I was so terrified I had to smack myself to calm down. It came in my shelter and I pushed it back and I got something in my leg. I then figured out the creature. It was a porcupine. I had to pull the quills out of my leg; it stung so bad.
Brian (Chelsea)

Dear Journal,
Today was a day I would never forget. It was the scariest moment. I got into a plane crash—unbelievable but it was real.
 Brian (Darrien)

Describe your feelings about the events...

I think what if we didn’t have anything but the clothes on our back and a hatchet. We would probably not live. If we had to live like cave people, we would probably die. –Carrie

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