Adam Bradley
Mid-Term Extension Project
The Giver


In reading The Giver I found myself making a number of comparisons to the way we actually live our lives as well as how I think I would function in the type of community set up in the book.  I chose themes that I felt were fairly universal that all students would understand in the hopes that it would get them thinking about their own lives.

 I feel my project is an expert project as it clearly communicates the meaning of the book.  By choosing themes that are universally understandable I feel students can understand what is being expressed in the book and draw comparisons to their own lives.  I also feel my PowerPoint was well organized as it clearly stated what was on each slide and gave some open ended questions for class discussion.  It was visually creative as I used different published covers of the book on each slide.  I feel I paid attention to detail by bringing up key points throughout the presentation.  Finally I feel if I were to see this project it would draw me to want to read this book and suggest it to others.